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Vision Statement

"Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish will be a participatory community enriching the family, youth and society through formation, fellowship and service."


Mission Statement

In the month of December, 2001, we the parishioners of OLGC, undertook a spiritual journey towards implementation of the Archdiocesan Synod. There were sessions held at the Social Welfare Center, addressed by His Lordship Bishop Bosco Penha and Fr. Patrick D'mello which were very enlightening and fruitful.

During the sessions, members of the Parish Council, various associations and animators of Small Christian Community contributed their thoughts and ideas. The vision statement " Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish will be a participatory community enriching the family, youth and society through formation, fellowship and service." was formulated during one of these sessions. The meaning and implications of this Statement was brought out through the definition and interpretation of its key words.

In the penultimate session, the participants gave numerous suggestions in the form of goals, on a wide range of topics covered by the Synod document. All these suggestions were carefully collated for formulating Mission Statement. In order to take us further towards achieving our desires and aspirations expressed through the Vision Statement, we approached Mr. Conrad Saldanha., Vice - President of APC, a resident of Mahim, who has the reputation of successfully helping other parishioners including his own with the Synod document.

Fr. Tony personally contacted Mr. Conrad and apprised him of the previous sessions. He also gave him the handouts received from his Lordship Bishop Bosco Penha and Fr. Patrick and synopsis of the earlier sessions.

On 30th March, 2003 at 3:30 pm about 100 participants gathered at the Social Welfare Center, to attend the session conducted by Mr. Conrad. The session began with the celebration of Holy Eucharist followed by a recap of the previous sessions by Mr. Prosper D'Souza to refresh memory.

Mr. Conrad started the main session by distributing handouts containing suggestions / goals given by the participants during the previous sessions and his own concise version of the same. For better comprehension and simplifying matters, he had already clubbed suggestions which had recurred in different forms/ wordings but in essence were similar.

The participants were then divided into 10 smaller groups and given the task of comparing the exhaustive list of suggestions / goals with those summarized by Mr. Conrad. Most of the representatives of the groups reported positively that by and large everything was captured in the concise list barring a few points which were added / reinforced. The final picture which emerged is reproduced below under the distinct headings / mission statements with goals given thereunder:



  1. To ensure that all families are involved in all their respective SCC's.
  2. To encourage members of SCC's to collaborate with Associations. Movements and ecclesial Bodies of various Parish activities and events.
  3. To continuously strive to see that no family in any SCC community is in want.
  4. Since involvement and participation of every member of the parish was mentioned we could add networking among the various language groups and zones.
  5. Interaction between areas and between priests and laity.
  6. Ensure that all families are involved in SCC's.


  1. To bring about reconciliation and understanding between husband and wife and between parents and children and between in-laws.
  2. To foster prayer and growth of the spiritual life among families.
  3. To identify the needs of families in different stages of their life-cycle and organize appropriate programs for them.
  4. All agreed that these are personal problems but Mr. Conrad pointed out - does the Parish place a priority towards all relationships in the family.


  1. To guide and assist youth in expanding their capabilities so that they realize their full potential.
  2. To empower them with the right knowledge and attitudes so that they experience healthy and fulfilling relationships with their peers and parents.
  3. To increase their knowledge and appreciation of Prayer, Scripture and Liturgy.
  4. To get as many youth involved from the different language groups and zones
  5. Youth to be empowered and trained to take on responsibility in all areas and functions of the Church.
  6. Parents of youth need to be animated.
  7. Get the youth unitedly involved.


  1. To make parishioners aware of the value of prayer and to teach parishioners how to Pray.
  2. To make parishioners understand the Bible more deeply and see how they can relate it to their daily lives.
  3. To make parishioners understand and practice the Sacraments.
  4. To make parishioners understand the rich meaning of the liturgy, make it more relevant and increase participation.
  5. Formation to be looked at in a holistic manner.
  6. Prayer and chapel - People see the need of silent prayer, hence the necessity of a chapel.
  7. Sacrament of Reconciliation - Invite priests from other parishes.


  1. To include all parishioners irrespective of economic status or language spoken or zones they belong to.
  2. To improve employability of parishioners by imparting relevant knowledge and skills.
  3. To get employment for those who are in need.
  4. To actively search for ways   to alleviate the sufferings of the marginalised and the deprived.
  5. To look after the well being of the senior citizens
  6. We need to focus on training people to get into a platform ( be it civic, justice or politics) to help the Christians community.
  7. To encourage participation among intra Christians ( ecumenism ) .


  1. To reach out in fellowship to people of other faiths and sects.
  2. To make an effort to understand and appreciate all that is good in their faith without compromising on the essential truths of our faith.
  3. To share with them ones own experience of God through our Faith.
  4. To collaborate with people of other faiths in tackling common, civic, political, justice   and peace issues.

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