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Introduction: The Second World War left many young women widowed all over Europe. In France, a small group of widows often meet together in prayer. As couples they had discovered the wealth and joys of the Sacrament of Matrimony. After the death of their husbands, these young widows were convinced that their conjugal love, deeply rooted in Christ, could never be destroyed. They were sure that their husbands now belonged to the Communion of Saints and were alive and happy with the Lord. They believed in their continuous intercession for the family.

In 1934, thirty young widows made a retreat at Lourdes and seven of them committed themselves to God. This group was called the Fraternity of Our Lady of the Resurrection.

The Spiritual Association of Widows later came to be known as The "Hope and Life" Movement and spread to Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Africa and India.

In 1985, Bishop Bosco Penha had the first recollection at St. Pius X seminary in Goregaon. From twenty widows the number increased to two hundred within a span of 5 years. Bishop Bosco then suggested that we have groups in every Parish. So a Core Group was formed and with dedicated helpers we have units working in more than forty-two Parishes. Bishop Bosco has now appointed Msgr Nereus Rodrigues as our Spiritual Director.

The "Hope and Life" Movement is a blend of Spiritualism, Fellowship, Outreach and Support. It helps to put the past behind and look ahead with Hope and become women of Faith and Love and thus bring abundant Life to all around.

  1. Meetings are held once a month.
  2. Area-wise Recollections are conducted in English, Marathi and Konkani.
  3. At Christmas and Easter, get-togethers are held. Hampers given.
  4. School Books and Fees are given to children.
  5. Medical Bills are paid.
  6. Every Parish Unit goes on a Picnic once a year.
Finances: Sale of Sweets, Pickles, Pastries etc. conducted during 10 days of the Novenas and Feast of St. Anthony from 4th June to 13th June. The Profit made, helps to finance most of the Activities.

Objectives of the Movement:
  1. To help widows accept "Widowhood" as a vocation.
  2. To help widows gain Emotional Stability.
  3. To encourage widows to be Powerful, Joyful and Helpful.

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