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    The Society of St. Vincent De Paul
Conference of our Lady of Good Counsel.

To put it in a better way S.V.P stands for (Services of Victory over Poverty). Services are rendered to the poor and the marginalized. Priority is given to education and medication of the adopted families. We have about 32 families that we help.

The Association tries to motivate them and give them jobs according to the kind of jobs they do and their skills.

Rations are distributed once every fortnight, which consists of (Dal, Rice & Sugar).

The Members see that they enjoy festivals like the rest of the fortunate.

Last but not the least all this we owe to our generous benefactors. We pray god may reward them a hundred fold as the saying is YOU GIVE LAVISHLY RECEIVE ABUNDANTLY.

We would like you to come and join our association. We are in need of your help, we need more members.
    Thank You,
    The Society of St. Vincent De Paul

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